0435 - Poppelhaven

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Poppelhaven is located in the southern end of the suborb Seden, in the northeastern part of Odense, approx. 5.5 km from city center. Poppelhaven is a colorful housing area, in which the many different colors are trademarks of the department. It is a mix of both family and student housing. The student housing are gathered in houses with 6 leases in each, where the ground floors has a small terrace.

Poppelhaven is located in 2 closed alleys with parking near  the homes. Streets wind through the area and traffic are slowed down by a series of roundabouts. There are paths to Seden and city center. In the middle of each alley is a green area with playground, a house/room for common activities and shared laundry facilities. There is approx. 1 km. the purchase options.

YouSee provides TV channels with individual choice of package and high speed internet.The basic package  are payed through the rent.