Available accommodations now

The accommodations without a waiting list are available now. This means that if you are not interested in moving in before the summer, you do not need to apply, as it then will not be relevant for either parts. Therefore, only contact us if you are interested in moving soon.

Future student for the fall term 2020

You do not have to adapt your application for the C group's criteria before the group opens on June 1 2020. Right now the wait when searching for all is short, and you therefore risk receiving an offer on an accommodation, you cannot move in to yet as you are not a student. You can move in up to 3 months before you start your study.

We therefore recommend that if you wish to apply for specific accommodation do so with a move in date on June 1 or July 1 2020, and that you wish to receive offers from March 1 2020. In that way, your options for receiving an accommodation would be good. However, it depends on which and how many applications, you apply for, and we are not able to say anything more specific on your options.

Of course, you are welcome to adapt your application to the C group now, but then it is important that you are aware of the date from when you have wished to move in, as you probably will receive offers fast.

We are now through the C group!

We are through the C group for students who started studying in the summer/fall. This happens 1,5 month sooner than last year.

In group D, If you are search all, the wait will be around 2 to 6 months, before you will start receiving offers. Are you only applying for the most popular accommodation types – mainly Odense C and M, the wait will be around 6 months to 1,5 year, before you will start receiving offers.

In next week, we will send out more information about the C group for those starting their study in the spring.

Absolute Assurance for Accommodation works!

In 2018, 111 students used the Absolute assurance for accommodation. The guarantee had an impact on 46 % of the student’s choice on which city to study in.
In general, there is less students who use the guarantee compared to previous years. The highest number of applicants was in 2015 with 181 students, but has been decreasing steadily since then. The expectation is that the amount will keep decreasing. This is due to the growing number of new student accommodations in Odense. There has been built 1,025 new student accommodations in the period 2011-2019. In addition, the number of youths between 19-22 years of age have been decreasing slowly.
The Absolute assurance for accommodation guarantee for Odense municipally are used by students who move to the city and therefore can be guaranteed a place to live, if they cannot find a place on their own. 
It gives the students access to a common sleeping dormitory divided in gender. There are common kitchen, toilet, shower, common room and Wi-Fi, which is included in the rent, which is between 2.000 and 2.200 DKK.
In 2019, the dormitories are offered from Diamanten in Vollsmose, Kragbjerggaard Vandrehjem and Odense Hostel ApS. There is an expectation from The Department of Culture and Urban Development that 90-120 students will make use the offer in 2019.