Did you get admission to your studies after July 28th?

If you got notice of late admission to your place of study, after July 28th, then you can still have a posibility of getting into group C. 

If order to use this service, you need to have ticked the box 'search all' under you account, and send some documention for late admission, where the date of notice needs to be present. You need to send this documentation and your applicant number in a mail to 

You can read more about group C and the Absolute Assurance for Accommodation under the menu 'information'.

New, modern youth accommodations in Gartnerbyen – Available from August 1, 2020

FAB is introducing new, modern youth accommodations in their newest housing association, Gartnerbyen. The accommodations are centrally placed in Odense with a short distance to shopping, culture facilities and public transportation. From 2021, the new tram will run just outside the door with connection to more of the city’s educational institutions.

The accommodations are organized with a nice living room with access to a big balcony, where there is possibilities of decorating a nice space outside. There are great kitchen facilities and bathrooms with space for your own washing machine. This is accommodations where there are room for decorating a home after your requirements.

Gartnerbyen is neighbor to AB Odense’s youth accommodations. In cooperation, there will be established common areas with possibilities of social dining, Friday bar and a nice study environment. Furthermore, there is joint facilities such as a laundry.

The rent is DKK 4,065.00 per month, but in 2020, you will get DKK 160 in discount due to inconvienience from construction sites. You are more than welcome to contact us for more information on +45 63 12 56 00. Ask for Litten og Marlene.