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2 room apartment,
Niels Bohrs Alle, 5230, DK
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Number of40
Net area45m2
Facilities, shared
Facilities, own
PetsPets allowed, 1 dogs or 1 cats, maximum 1 in all
Rent pr. month (Dkr.)2.495,00 kr
TV180,00 kr
Deposit / Downpayment / Prepayment7.500,00 kr
Electricity280,00 kr
Water0,00 kr
Heating186,00 kr
Internet40,00 kr
Other95,00 kr

Afdelings info:

A total of approximately 520 homes. 3 km. from the center and 1 km. from university and technical school. College is the city's college rather than nothing, and there are many traditions that are upheld. All College 1 room apartments (16 m2) has new bathrooms and shared kitchens and 2 room apartments are renovated with new kitchens, renovation work was completed on 01.12.2004. It is small dwellings (rooms) but at a low rent, and there are a lot of social activities among the residents. In college, among other large commonroom, gym etc.. The 2 bedroom homes have private kitchen and bathroom
Pictures and floorplan