Absolute assurance for accommodation (AAA)

Please note that the information below is only a summary of the rules stated by Odense Municipality and that Studiebolig cannot be held accountable for errors in the summary, as it is only meant as a service and guideline for foreign students.

In the rules for the absolute assurance for accommodation (AAA) there is a difference between being a full degree student and an exchange student:

Common rules for full degree and exchange students
  • You can be placed in group C if you meet to requirements stated under Prioritization of applicants
  • You can only have two active offers at the time.
  • You are NOT allowed to say no to an offer (if you do so you will deprioritized to group D).
Only for exchange students
  • You cannot get temporary accommodation through the municipality.
Only for full degree students
  • You can get temporary accommodation through the municipality if:
  • The municipality will only offer temporary accommodation if there is nothing else available that meet the requirements for group C
How to apply for temporary accommodation
  • You need to contact either Studiebolig through info@studiebolig-odense.dk or one of the accommodation organizations by email. You can do this at the earliest one week before your education starts.
    • In the email you should enclose: 1) documentation for your enrollment and 2) your application number (can be found under “my page” behind your name).
  • Please note that the AAA will not cover you if you have accommodation with a move-in date before October 1 2017.
  • To read more about the special rules for the AAA please read under Information -> Especially for offers and AAA
The assigned temporary accommodation from the municipality
  • The temporary accommodation the municipality will assign are modest, not updated and can be placed all over the municipality
  • You must expect to share kitchen and bathroom.
  • You will only get one offer from the municipality.
  • There may not be internet or TV connection.
  • You are obligated to keep searching for accommodation in such way that you stay in group C.
  • The accommodation will typically be an abandoned daycare center where you share a room with 2 to 10 other people of the same gender.
Please read more about the AAA at Odense Municipality’s home page: