Become an applicant

It is fast, simple and free to become an applicant.

  • You can either make an application by clicking Create application and thereafter add accommodations through the point Search for housing in the menu.
  • Or you can find accommodation you want through the point Search for housing in the menu and add them. Remember before you leave the webpage to add them to your application either by logging on an already existing application (top right corner) or by making an application.

Before you make an application, please use 5 minutes to read our FAQ below.

Who can apply for accommodation?
All current and future study active individuals above the age of 15 may apply for accommodation.

When can I apply from?
You can make an application up to 1 year before you expect to start an education.

Am I allowed to answer No to an offer for accommodation?
Yes, you are allowed to say No. However please note that if you are in the group of applicants, who are applying for all accommodation you will no longer be a part of this group (see here for informaiton about prioritization of applicants). You will therefore also lose to option of Absolute assurrance for accommodation.
At your No number 6 your application will be deactivated. Please note that you will start over on the waiting list if you reactivate.

Must all offers be answered?
Yes. All offers must be answered with either a Yes or No on this web page. If you do not answer every offer your application for accomodation will be deactivated.

Can you inform me of the waiting time?
Unfortunately not, as the waiting time differs throughout the year and from year to year. Furthermore is it very dependent on which and how many accommodations you have applied for.

Am I allowed to have more than one active application?
No. Every individual is only allowed to have one active application.