2 room apartment,
Østre Stationsvej, 5000, DK
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Number of20
Net area50m2
Facilities, shared
Facilities, own
PetsPets not allowed
Rent pr. month (Dkr.)3.108,00 kr
TV0,00 kr
Deposit / Downpayment / Prepayment18.662,00 kr
Electricity0,00 kr
Water150,00 kr
Heating300,00 kr
Internet0,00 kr
Other0,00 kr

Afdelings info:

Godsbanen is located in Odense C next to the train station. The department was built in 2012 and contains 117 leases, of which 20 are student housing. The student  housing is assembled in one stairway.

To all housings, which is located above ground level, there is elevator access. All have their own kitchen, shower and toilet. The property is build as a block, providing a cozy common courtyard.

For student housing there is shared laundry facilities in the basement with 2 washers and 2 dryers. Payment for use of the machines is via SMS.

StofaNet provides channel supply. Agreement on this and payment is made directly to StofaNet.
Pictures and floorplan