Future student for the fall term 2020

You do not have to adapt your application for the C group's criteria before the group opens on June 1 2020. Right now the wait when searching for all is short, and you therefore risk receiving an offer on an accommodation, you cannot move in to yet as you are not a student. You can move in up to 3 months before you start your study.

We therefore recommend that if you wish to apply for specific accommodation do so with a move in date on June 1 or July 1 2020, and that you wish to receive offers from March 1 2020. In that way, your options for receiving an accommodation would be good. However, it depends on which and how many applications, you apply for, and we are not able to say anything more specific on your options.

Of course, you are welcome to adapt your application to the C group now, but then it is important that you are aware of the date from when you have wished to move in, as you probably will receive offers fast.